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Germany's mean!

Slave to a Hetalia guy! Who, why and how? by YUCare11
Fav. Colour?
Your master is...
Why did he make you his slave?He was bored
Okay, RP time! How does he treat you?"Like I'm just a random person. He's not even TRYING to be friendly! D:" (Bitch of a man!)
How you behave towards him?"I'm too scared to fight back! Help meee! ;__; "(you poor thing D:)
What clothes do you have to wear?"He doesn't care, as long as I wear the collar he gave me with my name on it" (Uhm...yay?)
What does he call you?Your name
Does he show affection?"He glomps me..." (xDD)
Do YOU show affection?"I help with his work" (Cool)
Does he punish you when you do something wrong?"No"
If yes, how?"He kills someone everytime" (Oh shit D:)
If yes, how long? (If it's time-based)"Ten minutes"
The sex?"Really kinky" (Woah!)
How offen?"Twice a day"
Where do you sleep?"By his bed, on the floór" (Douche-bag!)
Okay, pause on RP. Does he love you?In his own creepy way, yes
Ok, back to RP. What happens in the end?You get married and live happily ever after!
Aaaand that's all!Sorry if it sucked XD


Dear NonExistent Fanbase,
I have been having a hard time getting started on my reviews. I still plan to start with my Gary Oldman Month, but have no idea when that will be. I would like to say this month, but I have been saying such things for a couple of months now. I have some other ideas for segments, other than movie reviews that I might want to try, but I do not know what will happen and what wont. Lets just say that I will try for this month, but January looks much more promising.
I hope to post an actual review soon.
Jessica Cole

Halloween Review

Dear Non-Existent Fan Base, or NEFB as you shall now be dubbed,

I was not able to start reviewing movies for my blog in time for Halloween.
I am truly sorry.
I realize that I cannot truly believe that I have fans, unless I do something.
Life just got in the way.
But, I am planning on starting my blog this month.
And I am starting with My first theme month.
The theme of this month is :Gary Oldman Movies.
You see, I have been on an Oldman kick these past few months and to celebrate, I want to review 5 or 6 movies in which Oldman has a large part. I want to show the range and mastery of his craft as an actor that Oldman posesses. I am  planning on a review of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by this weekend. (Not a promise, just maybe).
Hope to see you then NEFB,

What's New

Hello Audience I Will Assume is Reading This,

I have decided that I couldn't let Halloween go by without reviewing some scary movies, so I will be starting my reviewing quite a bit earlier than I expected. I will probably post my first review next week. I am not sure yet which movie I will be starting with, or which movies will follow, but I am quite sure I can get in 5 or 6 movie reviews before Halloween.

I cant wait. Hope you have fun reading them as well.


Hey Yall,

I am someone who loves movies, a lot. I absolutely love watching movies, talking about movies and analyzing them. I have started this journal as a way for me to review various kinds of movies, for you the reader. I am going to try to provide clear and concise reviews of any movie I decide I would like to discuss. It is my goal to write understandable movie reviews with all of the insight and without the pretension of other movie reviews.

No movie, no matter how old or new is off limits. I will either choose to review movies randomly, or I could possibly review movies in some sort of theme, such as having a "horror Movie Month" or a certain actor month.

I plan on writing one movie review per week, if I will write more or less depends on how that week goes for me. Being a college student, I have many other things to do. We will just have to see.

I have no objections on taking requests, though if I decide on watching the movie will depend solely on personal preference. I'd rather not torture myself by watching a movie I'm pretty sure I will hate. Though that could be interesting in itself.

With the holidays coming closer, I do not know when I will embark in this endeavor, possibly beginning in December.

I can't wait to get started.





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